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ABES - Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Software (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) has been working to establish an open IT market that allows Brazil to compete internationally. It is one of the few associations that accumulates several achievements for the benefit of the associates, such as the regulation of software commercialization as well as the definition of the tax matrix for the segment.

ABES actively participates in the evolution of the sector and continues to highlight the importance of the Brazilian Market for Software and IT Services Market, claiming public policies in order to build a strong sector model that is strategically suited to the global reality.

The association represents approximately 2,000 companies, which account for approximately 85% of the sales (business) of the information technology software and services segment in the brazilian market, distributed in 23 brazilian states and in the Federal District, responsible for the generation of more than 205,000 direct jobs and an annual turnover of around R$ 61 billions in the year of 2018.

ABES promotes integration among its associates (startups, micro, small, medium and large companies) because they believe that together they will be stronger and more competitive. The association strengthens its representation through agreements signed with the main regional players of the Brazilian technological sector.

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ABES works first to be relevant to its associates and second to be a national and international reference in the technology sector, always aligned with its mission of connecting, guiding, protecting and developing the brazilian information and communication technology (TIC) sector. The entity strives to ensure the competitiveness of companies through legal and tax security, innovation and promotion for the sector, promotes entrepreneurship, aims to improve the business environment and competitiveness and fight for a more digital and less uneven Brazil.

ABES conectar

CONNECT - To approach, discuss and join forces, integrating the Government, companies, professionals in the field, the specialized press and society at large. In addition, to establish long-term relationships, generating permanent links based on trust in and among associates.

ABES orientar

ADVISE - ABES is set to be a consistent source of reliable information, providing national and international market analysis as well as legal advice, and indicating trends so that associates can make decisions more confidently and assertively.

ABES proteger

PROTECT - To spread the word about the laws that protect copyright and intellectual property and gain them the respect of the population and companies at large; to improve the current legislation and warrant its application.

ABES desenvolver

DEVELOP - To promote market growth, strengthening companies and professionals in the sector, thus contributing to building a new sector model, with more stable rules and better use of public investments; to incentivize research and innovation made in Brazil.