Ícone TítuloAchievements

ABES’ different action fronts include:

Education: helping educate and raise awareness about the legislation applicable to copyright, through campaigns, training supervision and repression agents, participating in seminars, etc.

Legislation/Economy: claiming cuts on the taxes charged and encouraging the creation of business modalities that make licenses cheaper; in addition, working to better laws applicable to the sector, especially those relative to copyright; providing models of contracts and other documents, etc.

Repression: filing up copyright violation denunciations; questioning users about denunciations; supporting and promoting legal actions fostered by its associates to fight copyright violation; alerting potential law violators, among other relevant aspects.

For all this, ABES has had many achievements in the course of history, of which the main ones are:

  • Following the creation of the Software Law and its Regulating Decree.

  • Providing advice in the claims for Registering Programs at the SEI, nowadays named SEPIN – Secretaria de Política de Informática (meaning Information Policy Secretariat).

  • Following up the Similarity Analysis Cases moved against associate companies, offering them all support at hand for the greatest possible number of programs to be registered and, consequently, gain authorization to be commercialized in the Country.

  • Regulation of the Banco Central (meaning Central Bank) on the remissions of funds abroad to pay for software, through several actions, both in the administrative level (letters, meetings, seminars, etc.) and by proposing legal actions against the Central Bank up until the issuance of Bacen circular letter nº 1534.

  • Procedures to normalize the commercialization of foreign computer programs, until the issuance of Ordinance 181 of the Ministry of Treasury and Joint Ordinance SEI/Federal Revenue.

  • Providing advice and conducting antipiracy actions, such as: promoting seminars on the issue; participating in national and regional events organized by other organizations to discuss the issue; giving lectures in companies and governmental organizations, offering advice on the risks of using pirate software; providing support and institutional aid to companies in several legal actions to search and seize pirate software.

  • Fighting for the tax-related definition of software, defending that it be treated as a service subjected to ISS (meaning Service Providing Tax) and not to ICMS (meaning Tax on the Circulation of Merchandise and Services) and IPI (meaning Tax on Industrialized Products), including the follow-up in the Congress of the bill of the new Service Law;

  • Working actively in the formulation of the Software Law, having achieved the extinction of the mandatory registration and the sole analysis of market reserve in the distribution of software.

  • Representing at CONIN (meaning Brazilian Informatics Council), where ABES defended the propositions that aimed to promote a greater opening of the informatics market.