A ABES, Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Software, representa aproximadamente 2 mil empresas, que totalizam cerca de 85% do faturamento do segmento de software e serviços no Brasil, distribuídas em 22 Estados brasileiros e no Distrito Federal, responsáveis pela geração de mais de 208 mil empregos diretos e um faturamento anual da ordem de R$ 63,7 bilhões em 2019.

Since its foundation in September 1986, the entity has sought to be relevant to its members and a national and international reference in the technology sector, always aligned with its mission to connect, guide, protect and develop the Brazilian ICT sector. It offers its members several benefits and services, such as certificates, legal advisors and events. It has several thematic committees to debate issues in evidence and define guidelines for action.

It is a reference as a source of data for the sector and focuses its actions in the legal, tax, regulatory, compliance and innovation promotion areas, among others. ABES promotes entrepreneurship, aims to improve the business environment and competitiveness and fight for a more digital and less unequal Brazil.

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Bringing together, dialoguing and joining forces, integrating Government, companies, sector professionals, specialized press and society in general. In addition to establishing long-lasting relationships, generating permanent bonds based on trust with and between associates.

ABES proposes to be a consistent and credible source of information, analyzes of the national and international market, legal guidelines and indication of trends, so that associates make their decisions more safely and assertively.

Make the laws for the protection of copyright and intellectual property better known and obeyed by the population and companies in general, improve the current legislation and guarantee the application of this legislation.

Promote market growth, strengthening companies and professionals in the sector, contributing to the construction of a new sectorial model, with more stable rules and better targeting of public investments, in addition to fostering Brazilian research and innovation.

ABES works continuously to represent its associates and to strengthen the national software industry, relating to institutions, public agencies, companies, the press and society, highlighting the strategic importance of the market. In view of this objective, the entity participates in the following forums:
  • Board of Directors of SOFTEX - Association for the Promotion of Excellence in Brazilian Software.
  • Board of Directors of ITS Institute of Software Technology of São Paulo.
  • Occupies the Vice-Presidency of Software at CEBRASSE - Central Brazilian Service Sector.
  • National Council for Combating Piracy - Ministry of Justice.
  • State Council for Combating Piracy in Santa Catarina.
  • Florianopolis Municipal Council to Combat Piracy (SC).
  • Municipal Council for Combating Piracy in Blumenau (SC)